Create your own show-stopping, digital masterpiece with our

XU Mosaic Pix

Designed to give any event the wow factor, XU Mosaic PIX is a true work of art created with individual photos that your guests will love.

Capturing every smile, laugh and moment of joy is just the first step – there’s even more fun to be had as you watch the mosaic take shape.
Whether it is a treasured family photograph, a snapshot from times past or even your company logo, we can create any visual experience you desire.

Each mosaic is an individual photo that is digitally produced and positioned to create a jaw dropping work of art of your choosing.

Our XU Mosaic Pix can be created in several different ways. They can be captured from an onsite photo booth or sent electronically and taken from your guest’s social media channels – or both.

A party is made so much more interactive with the XU Mosaic Pix, especially if your guests step up to the booth and capture their image, whether that is a selfie, couples portrait or group shot.

Xpress UrSelf Media offers a digital set up where images are directly displayed onto our large high definition screen.

Get set to watch as guests crowd round to watch the masterpiece unfold and see how their own selfies have played a part in the bigger picture!

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