What’s better than a selfie?

XU Selfie Live

Being able to see yours and your friends’ best self on screen!

The XU Selfie Live takes photo booth fun to the next level.

Capturing the selfie is just the start of the fun. With the XU Selfie Live everyone in the room can get in on the action and share their photos to our Selfie Screen.

And even better we can print those images immediately, adding a customized template or overlay that reflects your event theme.

Why have one photographer at your event when you can have all your guests capture a collection of amazing, special moments and share them straight to the screen of your choice.

Take it to the next level and add a photo booth experience to include GIFs that will spring into action on a big screen that will guarantee laughs all night. Getting the thumbs up! Rave reviews!

Get set to share again and again all the bloopers from the event! Get your Oscar speech ready !

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