Or at least give it a good try

Xpress UrSelf Media can help your brand stand out.

Using the power of live events, customer insights and innovative photo booth technology, we can take your brand from just being looked at to being noticed!

Xpress UrSelf Media creates experiential events that elevate your brand above the rest; create direct connections with your target audiences and dovetail seamlessly with your marketing strategy.

Quirky and creative, but also targeted and impactful.

Consumers will love getting to know your brand in a totally different environment and can’t resist sharing their content online!

Xpress UrSelf Media will work with you to create a completely customized photo booth experience featuring your company’s imagery and logos to create the ultimate brand experience.

Let Xpress UrSelf Media help you break the mold and maybe even the internet!

Features & Benefits


Personalized Prints

You choose the theme and we create a personlaized photo overlay to give maximum impact at your corporate event.


Social Sharing

Let our products share your guests photo creations straight to social media, giving maximum impact for your event or brand. 


Personalized animations, stamps and filters

Take your brand to the next level with a fully branded, animated start screen, photo overlay and branded digital props!  


Signing & Stamping Feature

We all love emojis and now your event guest can add them to their image creation, before signing off with their name or personal message. 


Branding and personalization

We can brand the experience from the minute your guest arrive at the mirror booth, think branded wrap on the mirror, branded start screen and photo overlay. We can even offer full data capture, so you can market to your guests post event. 


Digital gallery

Share your new digital content with a branded online photo gallery. 

Let’s Talk

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