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XU Magic Mirror

Like Alice through the Looking Glass, stepping up to the XU Magic Mirror Booth is like taking a step into the unknown.

But worry not because it is fun and laughter that awaits in this looking glass.

The perfect way to keep your guests engaged and entertained, the XU Magic Mirror Booth delivers maximum fun and magical memories.
Tapping into the selfie craze, users love interacting with the colorful animations and engaging voiceover that guides them through the whole process.

Featuring the latest in customizable photo technology, the XU Magic Mirror Booth delivers an unforgettable experience that will see your guests come back time and again to try and perfect their show-stopping selfies.

Add our signature feature that allows guests to sign the touchscreen mirror and add a personalized message or emoji to their photos and you really will give your next event a VIP feel.

Guests can’t resist instantly sharing their pics on the social media platform of their choice, alongside your branding of choice. And we can also send photos via email or SMS or immediately print on the day.

Features & Benefits


Personalized Prints

You choose the theme and we create a personalized photo overlay to give maximum impact at your wedding or corporate event, wedding or special occasion. 


Social Sharing

Let our mirror booth share your guests photo creations straight to social media, giving maximum impact for your wedding, event or brand. 


Personalized animations, stamps and filters

Take your event or brand to the next level with a full branded, animated start screen, photo overlay and branded digital props!  


Signing & Stamping Feature

We all love emojis and now your event guest can add them to their image creation, before signing off with their name or personal message. 


Branding and personalization

We can brand the experience from the minute your guests arrive at the XU Magic Mirror booth, think branded wrap on the mirror, branded start screen and photo overlay. We can even offer full data capture, so you can market to your guests post event. 


Digital gallery

Share your new digital content with a branded online photo gallery post event. 

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